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Travel to Thailand

Currently, there is no restriction to travel to Thailand. Vaccinated and unvaccinated are welcome to the country. This is confirmed by the IATA Travel Center. Qatar Airways does not require masks and vaccinations to Thailand.

Thailand's authority confused some travelers regarding new travel restrictions, the next day, the authority made it clear that restrictions lifted, apply only to Chinese citizens.

VCY Travel Agency has been in contact with the Thai embassy in Stockholm, which confirms the information.

  • Test on arrival is not required.

  • No entry form is required to enter.

  • Travellers are not required to quarantine on arrival.

  • Insurance is mandatory for travellers travelling from and to countries that require a pre-departure COVID test. The insurance must at least be valid for seven days over and above the intended duration of stay in Thailand.

Qatar Airways requirements

Many countries around the world have specific regulations in place for arriving, transiting, and departing passengers in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. Please ensure that you have completed all the requirements you need to comply with before you travel.

In case that you need to present COVID-19 documents (for example PCR test results, health declarations, vaccination documentation, passenger location form or other COVID-19 related documentation) on departure and/or arrival, Qatar Airways will verify this information at check-in and retain a copy of these documents. Please have additional copies of these documents available with you for submission. Passengers are also required to complete, sign, and submit a Customer Acknowledgement Form at the check-in counters along with these documents. Click here to download the Customer Acknowledgement Form.

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